Closed Circuits is an installation showcasing thirty-five animations of cities around the globe, seen within the context of a fictional Public Safety CCTV Control Room, complete with office paraphernalia to give the impression of being inside a recently vacated workstation. The screens show a series of animated cityscapes, based on drawings made in-situ by observing the world’s metropoleis from hotel room windows. The animations’ backgrounds are freeze-framed shots of each city where the more minute parts of the drawings perform their actions. Minimal movements follow each other, mimicking those that were actually witnessed during the making of the work. Long intervals of stillness punctuate time between each of these motions, forcing the viewer to closely inspect the screens in order not to miss them. This act of looking resembles that of real-life CCTV observers, however the human presence is implied rather than seen, as only by-products of man’s existence can be perceived. There is a sense of expectancy and tension; something is about to happen but the narrative is never fully expounded. Occasionally the cityscapes on the screens change, as if a different viewpoint of the world is being focused on. Thus, in using images from the antipodes of the globe, but by not determining where each animation has been sourced from, the similitude of man’s experiences throughout the planet is underlined.





© Gaia Persico 2005